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Xan smiled from underneath his mask as Tandra and Quaver had been taken away. He hadn't planned on being invited to the little party, so for it to have actually happened was a good thing. He had some plans of his own, now all he needed was to spring the trap.

Sethos had mentioned a group known as the Children of Light. There was the leader, who Xan would love to whip in a fight. There was the hot one, the twins, and last but certainly not least the small child. They not only protected the tribe, but the artifacts as well. Xan didn't really want the artifacts, but he knew if he went snooping around than they would come stop him.

Lyna trusted the small boy, Xan would trick him. Perhaps even promise to let the boy see Lyna...and the hot one could come too. The others though, he didn't really care about them. The other tribe members would be talking with Tandra and Quaver. He needed them to keep the others busy for as long as possible.

Lets see what these Children of Light are all about.
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