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"If you think I'm a liar, then that's perfecly understandable," Tandra Kerthain told the Chieftess of the Ysanna, "but I swear to you upon my very life that I am not." She took a deep breath, because she was about to take a terrible and possibly life-threatening risk. "It turns out that I'm a medium, having recently been confined in a medical facility for the mentally ill. No one else except my son here believes that I can speak with the dead, but I can."

Halana Ysanna raised an eyebrow. "Have you tried to contact Lyna, then?"

"Yes, I have. She wouldn't talk to me. Her presence in the netherworld of the Force vanished as soon as I tried to communicate with her. She seemed very frightened. Terrified, even. I don't know why, since I'm one of her relatives."

"Perhaps she sensed you were in danger," the Chieftess replied, "or that there was some dark presence surrounding you. It's not like Lyna to be distant from any of the members of her family, including you--if, indeed, you are not misleading me." Halana stepped closer to Tandra. "Listen. If Lyna Honso has been cloned, there should have been two presences in the Force."

"There were--a faint one and a distinct one. Neither the 'dead' Lyna nor the 'living' one would deign to say a word when I meditated upon them last."

Halana made a small motion with her hand. Myzu, one of Lyna's true cousins, stepped forward. "Woman," Myzu said, "you and your son must leave. Now."

Tandra's blood ran ice-cold. "Why?"

"Because you're lying, you filthy wretch--both you and he!" Without another word, Myzu sprang forward and drew his weapon on Tandra and Quaver.
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