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Mnull and Dorgan, the two krogan, snapped to attention and did exactly as they were commanded by one Tom Ulrich. The salarian followed suit. As for Quirinius V'tala, she lay heavily sedated by the atropixenine. She was not breathing, and her pulse was almost nonexistent. The only thing that was keeping her alive was, oddly enough, the xenon in the medicine which was keeping the carbon dioxide in her blood at bay. However, all was not well...

Atropixenine, being illegal on almost all planets that the Citadel Council controlled, was not a regulated medicine. Dosages of such a potent sedative could and often were tainted by other chemicals because the ingredients were so expensive. The most common culprit was a lethal and cheap muscle relaxant that was used to kill--not sedate--large predatory or rogue animals. The solution that Quirinius had bought from an irreputable volus dealer, unbeknownst to her, was 50% cheap muscicide and 40% atropine. Bad news.

Her bluish-purple skin was becoming more pale by the second. She was dying.
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