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"Well isn't this a pleasant surprise. The Arashi's pet dog is alive, and it looks like she's gotten better at fighting. Why don't we see what you can do now, because I'd just love to kill you again."

Zarela slowly turned around and a huge grin appeared on her face as she looked over Takai and then she winked at him.

"Well...look who's here." She said cheerfully "It's the crazy one. To be fair, you didn't kill me last time. I killed myself. But I was hoping that I'd be able to fight you after the last time we fought. I think it's time that I show you how much stronger I've become."

Before Takai could do anything, Zarela was behind him and she kicked him up in the air before making a series of handsigns.

Fire Release: Flame stream jutsu. A massive stream of flames shot out of her mouth and engulfed Takai in a cloud of flames.
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