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B.C.C.: Reavers


Though they are Masters of the Grave,
Not every Reaver's evil's slave.
The time has come when all are needed.
For their lives the just have pleaded.
Will heroes answer war's dark call,
Or will unreason conquer all?


Q: What is a Reaver?

A: A Reaver is someone, a mortal being, who draws upon a living source of energy for strength and power. As is clarified in the poem, not all Reavers are evil. There are three types: Bloodreavers (hematophages/mortal vampires), Soulreavers (mortal psionic vampires who draw upon others' life energy), and Arcane Reavers (who draw upon the elemental power of the universe, considered the most dangerous of all because they can't replenish it.)

Q: Do the Reavers' powers make them godlike or like superheroes?

A: Godlike? Certainly not. Heroic? Most certainly. However, a Reaver only reaches "superhero" status if s/he draws a TREMENDOUS amount of energy into his or her body and mind. Otherwise, s/he has superhuman strength and power, but at the cost of needing to draw. For Reavers, drawing is not an option that they can take or leave. They depend upon the source of their energy for their survival as well as their power. Without it, they would die.

Q: Are Reavers immortal? Can they be made immortal by their powers?

A: No and no. That's the difference between them and traditional vampires.

Q: Is someone born a Reaver?

A: No. Reavers either choose to become so in exchange for great power, or they have almost lost their lives and draw upon their source of energy so that they will continue to survive. That's why they're being hunted.

Q: Who are the enemies of the Reavers?

A: Mainly the fanatical villains of the piece, to be named later. Everyone fears them, however, and a VERY FEW pure-hearted Reavers have gained the respect of the common people in the land as well as kings and nobles. All priests hate them, however, believing them to be possessed by evil spirits.

Q: Can a Reaver be "cured"?

A: Only if s/he goes through a long and torturous priest-initiated ritual.

Q: What is this story's setting?

A: Fantasy/futuristic fantasy a la Dragon Age and WoW: Cataclysm.
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