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Originally Posted by The Doctor View Post
You seem a bit naive to be 16. Here'a rundown of your major flaws in logic:
  • If a sport is fixed, the idea of letting teams noticeably rise and fall would be detrimental to profits, and therefore defeat purpose of fixing anything in the first place. It ruins the façade of reality that keeps fans watching. Think about it: your team has been losing consistently for a few games after an amazing winning streak; then they start winning again; then they lose some more. It doesn't make sense; you have to keep the teams' performances relatively even, or you lose the believability, and therefore viewership.
  • This is more a nitpick from a non-American than a serious point, but I'm going to say it anyway: football is a worldwide past time. American football is an American past time. Tell someone in Western Europe, South America, Africa, Western Asia... hell, pretty much anyone in the rest of the world that "football is American" and see what they have to say to you. ;D
  • Perhaps most importantly, the people who own the teams of rigged sporting events are paid big bucks to throw a game, for the exact reasons you seem to think they'd never agree: they want to win so they make money from sponsorships and the like; and the team members will be unhappy when they lose, especially if they had to let themselves lose because the boss said so. Therefore, if they're being asked to throw a game, they want to be paid well for it. Otherwise, you're right: they wouldn't do it. I'm sure you can think of a few sporting world scandals where an athlete accepted large sums of money to throw a game; don't think an entire team couldn't be bought for the right price, or you do yourself a disservice.
Okay you say that a team will lose some and win some thats correct, right? They are plenty of teams in the NFL that just keep losing year after year for example the Bengals or the Bills and Texans. When is the last time you heard of them win? And a team like the Patriots they win and win their record is 12 and 2. They win a lot every year or lose every year because they have a good team. If you look at the players on some of these teams they dont need to be fixed because the teams that win alot have the best players in the league becuase they have the money to pay them. The teams that lose a lot dont have amazing players on their team. Look at the panthers a while back the panthers where in the Super Bowl. After they lossed the Super Bowl their fan base went down which means less money. So their money cap went down which meant they couldnt afford to hire the better players coming into the league so they started to lose more and more games. As the years went over they kept losing and losing. Just recently they had to get rid of their quarterback and their best defensive linemen because they couldn't afford to pay them the high amount of money that they used to.
So they are losing even more games. The year that they went to the Super Bowl was 2003 their record was 14-6 now their record is 2-12 do you see now the reason this could happen? And a good player don't want to be on a team that loses a lot because of that reason they wont be getting the money that they deserve so they get traded to teams that are winning so they get the cash they want. So to simplify this for you money=better players= wins=money do you see the cycle now?

And the only games that people would really want to rig would be the Super Bowl. If a team wins the Super Bowl they get more fans and it keeps the fans happy (fans=money remeber) so the owners of the teams get more money to get better players so they can keep winning and get more money because of winning . Example: Patriots won 2003 Super Bowl been winning ever since. So why would a owner want to get a lump sum of money once and then start loseing and lose more money over the years than they got for that one loss.

But a "niave" 16 year old like myself dont know what im talking about.

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