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More about the Reavers:

Bloodreavers are, like I said, mortal vampires (more scientifically known as hematophages). They do have fangs and drink blood. The main power a Bloodreaver gets is physical--extra strength, stamina, dexterity, etc. They also do not get tired as easily as ordinary humans do, because their blood has been re-oxygenated by the blood that they have most recently drawn. Most people are frightened by Bloodreavers, but as long as they don't witness one drawing blood, they are unlikely to kill that Reaver on sight.

Soulreavers, rather than drawing upon the physical/fleshly powers of someone or something else, are more attuned to the psychic energies of living things. When a Soulreaver draws power, s/he becomes more intelligent, wise, and cunning. Sometimes a Soulreaver can tell what another person is thinking if s/he draws upon that person's energy. They are the Reavers who have the easiest time "passing" as normal because the "drawn" person only appears slightly tired and lethargic during and after the transfer of power.

Arcane Reavers draw upon the elemental power of the universe to fuel their power and keep themselves alive. Most specialize in one particular element: air, earth, fire, or water. The more they specialize in an element, the more resistant they become to it. It is impossible to specialize completely in two opposite elements, such as fire and water or earth and air. The most talented are the ones who specialize in two complementary elements, such as fire and air. When these Reavers draw power, they cannot replenish it, and so some of the innate energy of the universe is lost when they "draw". These Reavers can also cast spells related to their particular element(s).

Sample character: Mindra Charis, human, Bloodreaver who is like SALT (in the movie)

Yes, you can make one up with different powers.


The power must somehow be related to nature and the physical/natural world. Priests draw their power from their deity figure, and that's why they despise Reavers.

Each Reaver has a unique backstory detailing how and why they became a Reaver.

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