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"I'm a clone of Lyna Honso. You see, her old friend, Lemia if you remember, asked a Kaminoan named Sig Tapps to make a clone of her deceased friend. It's been a year and... here I am."

Cade stood off of the crate and began pacing around the area. His back faced Lyna, as he watched nearby starships fly out of the hangar. "I see..." he added. A clone of Lyna. That was all that was circling his head.

"Then I was wrong about you after all." he turned to face her. "You may be her... but you trully are not."

"But you wanted to speak with me. Well, here I am standing right here. During the past year, I became a form of authority for this city. The locals here called me "Reaper"... but its still just Cade to you. Rav contacted me and gave me a lead on you. I assume that was your doing?"
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