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Originally Posted by The Doctor View Post
I'm the first to admit that I haven't heard of any of them at all, much less of them winning. I don't follow American football. I'll also admit to misunderstanding your remark about fluctuation of team performances and such, for which I apologise.

More naivety. Professional wrestling has the same idea: a good number of wrestlers who hardly ever win, and then a good few that are seen as 'the best'. But it's all fixed to be like that. The wrestlers are paid to win, or they're paid to lose. I can't fathom how someone could deny that it's possible for the same to be done in any other sporting competition, whether it be football, basketball, hockey, whatever.

A "good" player doesn't want to be on a team that can't pay him. That is not the same thing as a good player not wanting to be on a team that doesn't win. That's where I think you're being a little more naive than you could be: the idea that the losing team in a fixed game isn't paid well for their poor performance.

I'll have to take you at your word for that (re: the Super Bowl). I admit to not knowing the specific economics of American football. I'll just say again that a team paid to lose can quite often be paid just as much as they would have made in endorsements etc. had they won. Otherwise, why would they agree to let themselves lose? So someone else can make big money? Sports rigging can't be done that way; the chosen losers have to make money too, or they won't do it. Or even worse, they'll blow the whistle on the whole thing and get a lot of people in a **** ton of trouble.

First off Apology accepted. Whats sports do you follow?

You can't use Professional wrestling as an example because everyone knows that Professional wrestling is a sport that is rig. Plus its a lot easier to rig a wrestling match because all you would have to do is pay off one person. To rig a football game you not only have to pay of the owner, but the all the coaches, then most of the starter players. Thats a lot more cash than just one person. And the reason they are a good number of wrestlers that never win is because no one wants to watch the same guys wrestling each other so they add people just to get they @$$$ kicked so they can excite the watch. Come on whats better than watching someone getting the $*** kicked out of them. (Thats not saying i'm a wrestling fan)

Ask yourself this, what teams wont have the money to pay "good" players? I'm pretty sure that a winning team will be able to because not only will their be more people watching their games to see how they are doing, but sponsors want to sponsor a team that is winning whats the point to sponsor a team that is losing. Now ask yourself this, if you were a "good" football player would you want to be on a team that is losing (which means they are losing money remeber and no endorsements) or a team that is winning? (which means endorsements, bonuses, more money when you renew your contract) So i think the choice is odvious... So the "good" players (plus their sports agents) look at when a team is losing and think are they going to have the money to give me when i ask for more, or are they going to say too bad. You got to realize that these player (well let me say most of these players) don't care about the sport itself anymore now since they made it to the big times; they only care which team will pay them the most money to help their team win. So indeed that a good player doesn't want to be on a team that can't pay him. Is the same thing as a player that doesn't want to be on a team that is losing.

"Tell me this who in their right mind would need to rig a football game and before you answer that who has the money to rig a football game?" Their is no logic behind it, no one needs to rig football games because their is so many other sports out there that are rigged for example: sumo wrestling and wrestling. Once again Why would someone rig a football game? Please tell me cause i defiently don't see the logic behind it

And I think you are just a bit hard headed and don't see the logic behind what I am saying.

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