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@ urluckday video: LOL

Pro football could only be rigged on the ref side of things, in my opinion. There is too much accountability between players on an American football team - each player has very specific roles and tasks, often tailored to best use the strengths of that individual. If someone is "tanking it" it is apparent real quick, and teammates will NOT stand for it, to the point where you WILL get thrown out of a huddle. I have been kicked out of a huddle before, just for being too mouthy (hehehehehe).

It is beyond my ability to comprehend how a player could be involved in a points-shaving sort of deal in football, unless it was a team-wide thing like the Chicago Black Sox. In that case, you will always have the Shoeless Joe problem, so again, not likely from the player side, IMO.

@The Doctor: How do you explain the mentality of going out for sixty minutes on a hard field and sacrificing your body over and over, potentially injured at any moment, for an outcome that is known? For the love of money? After playing only meaningful football your entire life until you began a pro career? Hard to swallow.

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