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"Will this work?"

Chiron looked over at Tom and nodded his head. He set the asari down and injected her in the left arm with it.

"It won't get rid of the drug, but it should give us more time. Once we make it back to my station, I can begin to work on her."

He looked over at Frank, and gave him a slight nod.

"My apologies for being rude, but this asari comes first. You seem knowledgeable in what she's taken. You're more than welcome to assist me once we get aboard the Valkyrie," Chiron said.

"Why have you come here?"

"I wish to know more about Project Genesis. I was unable to hack into the files," Rogue replied.

Rogue used terms like "I" and "Me" as oppose to correctly saying "We" and "Us". Organics used terms like "I" all of the time. It would be much easier for them if Rogue were to do the same, so it would do that.

"And how is it that you're able to speak, and act alone?" Thiyan added. "I have never heard of a Geth with any sort of autonomy".

"I am not like most Geth. I was designed to be able to function on my own. This allows me to speak with you."

Rogue turned its attention back on the Turian.

"Turian, I believe you have the files, or a better copy than what I received. If I could take a look at the files you have, we may both be able to learn more about Genesis."
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