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"Don't. You can't. It's a Geth! They've been fighting organics since they emerged as a civilisation, they attacked the citadel."

Rogue looked over at the drell. It did not fear the sniper rifle that was pointed at its head. The turian was the authority figure here, and his weapon was lowered. Rogue was certain the drell would not fire unless the turian said so. Rogue looked over at the turian.

"The geth only attacked the quarians because they wished to wipe the geth out. I believe you would refer to this as self defense. I also did not participate in the attack on the citadel."

Rogue looked back to the drell. Rogue believed he had a right to distrusting.

"You have nothing to fear drell. The geth that attacked the citadel now share the true geth's beliefs. The true geth do not wish to harm organics."

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