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"Then I was wrong about you after all." he turned to face her. "You may be her... but you trully are not."

Lyna looked down sadly. "I know..."

"But you wanted to speak with me. Well, here I am standing right here. During the past year, I became a form of authority for this city. The locals here called me "Reaper"... but its still just Cade to you. Rav contacted me and gave me a lead on you. I assume that was your doing?"

She sighed, standing up and rubbing her arm nervously. "Yeah. But I had no intention on hurting you. See... I keep having memories of the old Lyna flashing before me. You were in the flashes the most. Maybe... she really loved you. And... I know no one can take her place. Not even me."

Lyna shook her head sadly. "Whatever happened between you and Lyna... I guess I want to start over. But if you don't want, I'll just leave right now and stop Sethos. That's my main mission. But I just wanted to see you. To understand something."


All of a sudden, Saluna and Tino came between the Ysanna tribe and the intruders. "WAIT!!! Hold your weapons. Let us talk with them," Tino said. Saluna turned to the boy with the gernade and lighter. "If you put down the gernade and lighter, will you hear what my cousin and I have to say. In a peaceful matter. None of us has to die, you know. Please."


Cyan jumped on his shoulder and sniffed Isaac. Something about him wasn't right. She could sense it. But then... she sensed conflict within him. Hey, she was no Jedi. Just an ordinary creature.

The binjinphant squealed, licking Isaac's face. Then she jumped down, got her bouncing ball, and placed it in front of Isaac.
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