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Chiron waited patiently at the door for Thiyan to come and open it. He walked through the doors and greeted Thiyan with a slight nod. He needed to to get this asari to the med bay. What stood behind Thiyan though, did shock him.

Rogue followed after Thiyan, as he was to take Rogue to the brig. It was clear the turian didn't trust the geth, but Rogue wasn't dead either. Rogue looked down at the asari the krogan was holding. It scanned the asari with its omni-tool.

"Sedative: 50% muscicide, 40% atropine." Rogue stated.

Chiron was shocked Turhop had a geth aboard, let alone the fact that it could talk. However he didn't have to time for this. He moved past the others and ran to the med bay. He placed the asari down, and began to work on her.

"Drell:Thiyan, I believe your superior requested you escort me to the brig," Rogue stated.
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