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Quaver, glancing warily at Xander, obeyed the latter's command. "Trust me," he said. "Even though I am a pyromaniac, certifiably insane and a convicted felon at only ten years old, I have no desire to blow anyone up. Yet." With the lighter snuffed and the grenade safely laid upon the ground, he made a motion with his hand to beckon Tandra forward. On wobbly legs, the older woman moved. Her gaze was fixed upon Myzu, who had a murderous glare.

"We're not liars," Quaver said, gritting his teeth. "We're simply people who are looking for Lyna, because our lives might depend upon us finding her."

Tandra nodded. "My son is right. We may not know what we're getting ourselves into, but we must locate her, alive or dead. It's truly vital."

"Vital enough for both of you to risk your own lives, it seems," Myzu added, not taking his eyes off of Tandra, Quaver and Xander. "Tell me: what is it that compelled you to start your long journey here and seek us out?"
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