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"Hi. Um... do I know you?"

Karela shook her head slightly. She always forgot to take off the samurai mask before talking to people. She pulled the mask off and smiled at Asuka.

"Nice to see you again Asuka."

Karela turned her head back toward the site of the battle as she heard a loud familiar laugh echo through the forest.

"Alright. I'm going to give you the short version of the story. Akagi's village is under attack by unknown forces. It looks like Takeda has been taken over by Takai again and that crazy Arashi lady who kidnapped you a year ago is somehow back from the dead and fighting Takai."

Karela put her helmet back on and then turned toward the site of the battle. "Right now we're trying to evacuate all of the villagers to the mountains. If you could take over that and get them out of here I would really appreciate it."

Zarela grunted in slight pain as Takai snake attack hit her and sent her flying backwards up into the air. She watched as Takai made a series of handsigns and then began making her own handsigns.

"Nightmare Release: Nightmare Summoning Jutsu!"

"Fire Release: Flame Dragon jutsu!" Zarela shouted just as she finished her handsigns a second after Takai did. A dragon made of flames appeared in the air in front of Zarela and then immediatly engulfed Takai in a wall of flame.
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