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Summoning all of her strength and courage, Quirinius V'tala slowly hoisted herself up on her elbows. Her vision was still hazy, but not quite as blurry as it had been a few moments ago. Whatever the krogan doctor had injected into her bloodstream was definitely working, even though the young asari had absolutely no idea what it was. She managed to smile weakly at him.

"I...I guess I should thank you for saving my life," she said warmly, "if that solution I injected wasn't quite what I thought it was. Stupid chemical dealers! I knew something wasn't quite right about that volus, or the way he was acting. Still, did I listen to my better judgment? No, just like in the chess tournament! I remember losing, and the salarian wanting to kill me, and then all hell broke loose when I started to run. I injected the sedative when the bullets started flying, and then..." She sighed. "Nothing. I must have been completely unconscious from that moment on until I wound" Quirinius glanced around the medbay. "Where am I, exactly?"
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