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Frank was amazed at the diverse nature of the Valkrie's crew....humans working with Asari, Quarian, Krogan, even Drell. That amazed him that they could even get along on a joint vessel.

"Is who are these people and what are they doing aboard my ship? As if a geth on board wasnt enough."

A Turian.

Now that complicated things. Frank despised Turians...their rigid, anti-human sentiment, had so devastated many of his fellow squad members during first contact. But this was the only way to complete the mission, so he'd need to be diplomatic...and not kill the Turian when the opportunity came.

"The name's Frank, Frank Mcdowell. I helped your friend, Tom, out of a tight situation when several Eclipse mercenaries came along. I need not go into the details, but here I am...on 'your' ship, I believe. I, too, sell information..."

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