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Blood Runs Red On The Altar of Satan

Blood Runs Red On The Altar of Satan Lyrics
~ Sabre "Imperivs Mortvvs" Tooth, Satanic Goatkillers
(Translated from Norwegian "Blodet renner rødt på alteret av satan")

I drink the blood of the evil one,
I drink his health and mock the cross,
Let the flames of hell torch the world,
My crusade against the Christian shall be forever!

Our final tyranny is to begin,
The Nordic supremacy of our ancestors, now realised...
Destroy the false prophets! Destroy their icons!
Embrace the one lord of deaaaaaaaath

I welcome the spirits of my ancestors,
Whose swords welcomed the throats of the Christianborn,
I take back what is rightfully mine, and right to the White Race,
for this Weltanschauung is indefatigable!

Glory in battle awaits those who serve the great Satan,
Our sacrilege will teach them their place,
The sacrifice we make will please Him forever,
And his return will be marked by the blood of a thousand virgins

I will growl in opposition to the preaching of the Church,
For their lies have been fed enough to the sons of our ancestors,
Blood shall run red again, on the sacred altar,
And the shedding will be of the corrupt Christian!

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