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((Alright, as soon as the battle between Takeda and Zarela is over we'll be evacuating the village and head for the mountains where we will wait for Akagi.)

"I've never used this technique on an undead person before. Now then, let's see what you fear!"

Zarela's smile faded slightly as the orb continued changing shape until it took on the form of a tall man wearing the robes of the Akatsuki. Zarela's smile returned instantly.

"Thats it?" she asked in a mocking tone of voice. "Don't you understand? I fear nothing anymore. And there is no way you'll be able to ever defeat me. The only reason that technique worked was because in life I feared a few of the members of the Akatsuki, but now that I'm dead I have nothing to fear."

One of the enemy shinobi dropped out of the trees next to Zarela. "The remaining samurai have been driven back to the main square of the village. It is only a matter of time before we are able to wipe them all out."

"Excellent work." Zarela said before turning back to Takai as the enemy ninja jumped up into the trees. "Now...I believe I was in the middle of killing you."

Zarela jumped backward and made a series of handsigns. "Fire Release: Grand fireball jutsu!"

A massive fireball erupted from Zarela's mouth and engulfed Takai just as Zarela pulled two large shurikens and threw them at Takai who was still engulfed in the flames.
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