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NAME: Tegan Diral
RACE: Dark Elf
GENDER: Female
AGE: 105

EQUIPMENT: Silenced 9mm Semi-automatic handgun, compacted Sniper Rifle, Butterfly Knife, an assortment of poisons and explosives. However, she very rarely carries it all at once.
BACKSTORY: A Freelance Assassin by trade, Tegan would gladly fire upon a Reaver or a Priest, if she was paid to. She considers herself neutral in their conflict, seeing the Reavers as dangerous and unpredictable, and the Priests as being no better, if not worse than an overzealous cult. She does favour the Reavers more, but not currently enough to actually help them.

Despite her profession, she does abide by her own personal moral code. When on a job, she goes out of her way to only kill her target, and will outright reject jobs she disagrees with, or even come to her target's aid as she learns more about the job.

If persuaded, she could prove to be a valuable ally to either side.

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