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( my pc is now fixed. again sorry.)

at the planet of hoth nick manages to get out of his crashed starfighter.

nick: hoth remindes me rhen var. i was send there by the jedi council. because i defeated raptor i had 2 choises. to either be trained for 5 years or go to rhen var to defeat a giant white worm. i chose to defeat the worm so i became a jedi master.

meanwhile the Ebon Hawk landed on korriban and xind and harr entered a tomb.

mark: at last. i found the tomp of darth lyon. one of the first sith lords. now modern sith wear dark jedi robes, but at his era the sith wearing lightarmors and a lightshield to protect them from the enemys lightsabers.

xin: mark first pay us and second please dont wear this armor. i have a bad feeling about this.

mark: here is your credits

as mark is wearing his lightarmor he speaks with a deep and scary voice.

mark: for 3000 years my body was destroyed and my spirit was trapped in this lightarmor. now i darth lyon will use this body destroy the jedi and the republic.

harr: haaaaa

xin: harr, run.

lyon: where are you going.

xin: nowhere

lyon: good. i will soon find the spirit of the immortal first dark lord of the sith and my master. lord sith is his name.

xin: i have a bad feeling about this.
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