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Err... question... is English (USA or UK either one) your native language? o_o You have a few grammatical errors and this story is far more confusing than it was when you first started out.

For one thing, the Jedi teach patience... not war. Defeating a worm would be considered a battle/war, that would not allow a Knight to be pushed up to Master... and just for arguments sake, five years is not nearly enough time for a newly named Jedi Knight to be pushed to Jedi Master. Did you ever notice that most of the Jedi Masters (Anakin excluded) were around the ages of 50-900 years old? o_o A teenage Jedi Master makes no sense...

Another thing, who the hell is Mark? Is he Force Sensitive? Is he an ex-Jedi or what? Force Spirits can't even make their appearance known except for to Force Sensitive. So if Mark wasn't Force Sensitive, I don't believe that a force ghost would be able to possess him. (Though I'm not sure, the only encounter I've ever seen was Tavion with Marka Ragnos... and she was Force Sensitive... I'm sure there may be other encounters, but I don't waste 99% of my time researching ).
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