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Originally Posted by RC-3556 View Post
I looked through those, yes there is 2 1/2 (only count a half because of a mod of the storm trooper to a clone trooper) of actually Star Wars related stuff. IMHO, even tho I know I cant draw with crud, but I'm voting a big 'NO' on this one.

rewards shouldn't be handed out like candy. which imho somehow it seems like it has.

as for vet artist, no, definitely no way. I admit that the high def camera pics are something, but they're not LF related.
as for the drawings, I'm very very sorry, I may be a jerk, but I know how to use a gradient fill.
I'm sure that the guy is proud of his work, which I don't mean any thing against him/her but a clone trooper and boba fett? I'd give more mind to those whom made art for a mod then random drawings with a blank background.


also -10 points for a recommendation from someone whom reg'd this past aug.

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