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Originally Posted by stingerhs View Post
nah, the Nine Hundred should have ample space for everything (granted, the video card might be a tight fit).
Well I made a last minute change to the PSU and the case:
CORSAIR Professional Series AX750 750W

SILVERSTONE Fortress Series FT02B (like the 1200, it is a monster but at least it is a discrete monster).

as for the OS, 7 Home Premium should work just fine as its designed with all of that in mind. the main selling points of Pro is that it gives the option of connecting to an external network via domains and an XP mode that actually uses XP running as a virtual OS (w/o 3D graphics accelleration, btw). unless you need either of those features, stick with Home.
Thanks. I'll stick with home then and a full install of XP pro for the old stuff.
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