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Originally Posted by Sordid Dreams View Post
Wrong. The PC version included all the DLCs.

So? I still don't see how it's unreasonable to expect the PC version to be of equal quality. Quite the contrary, actually. I might not be surprised for an unknown game from a small indie developer to be ported poorly, but a hyped triple-A title from a publisher as large as LA I would fully expect to be ported properly.

Quote me where I said that, I dare you.
1) Yeah, the PC version did include the DLC...for hackers. It wasn't an advertised thing. The Endor DLC was marketed as a product for he 360 and PS3.

2) Yeah, I would expect the same thing, BUT it wasn't ported by LA. It was ported by Asypr. LA handed over the materials for them to port it, and after what Aspyr did with TFU1, most would be wary of what they would possibly do with TFU2. I mean, yeah we should expect it to be quality and have no problems, that's how it should be, but not in some cases. It's like you let someone borrow your car, then they crash it. Same person wants to borrow your car again, you're gonna be hesitant to let him borrow your car right? That's what Aspyr did with TFU1, they took it and basically crashed it, then it was their job to do TFU2, most people would be like "oh god they better not mess this one up like last time, I might have to hold off on buying it until I hear about the bugs in it." Most people aren't gonna be like, "Oh boy, they really messed up last time but I believe that they are going to do a fantastic job and not mess up at all."

3) You know what, it was my mistake here, and I apologize. I was pretty tired by the time I got to that part and got you confused with I believe was deesnyder who said that. I'm like Marty McFly when you call him a chicken when someone says, "I dare you" to me, so I was searching and then found that it wasn't you who said it.

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