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Tuhrop walked towards the bridge, where the cockpit resided. The pilot seat was empty.

"Naut'aun! Where the hell are you?" Tuhrop announced. Soon the Hanar floated into the cockpit. "We need to get this bird up in the air fast." Tuhrop added. "I dont think we will be visiting this place again any time soon..."

It was hard to tell the expression given from a Hanar, but it could be assumed that the floating Jellyfish was confused. "How much did I miss out on, Captain?"

"I'll explain later. Just get your keister glued into that chair of yours and get us the hell out of here!"

"May I point out captain, that we Hanar do not share similar digestiv-"

"NOW!" Tuhrop barked.

The pilot did as he was told. The Valkyrie detatched itself from the docking-bay platform, and hovered in mid air. The engines fired up and flew the freighter through the downward structures of omega. Soon the red jellyfish was shrinking into the distance, as the Valkyrie soared away from the asteroid field.

"Specify a destination?" Ghost enquired.

"Anywhere thats not here!" Turhop replied.

"Very well, the Fathar star cluster it is!"

The Valkyrie engaged the FTL drive, and soon entered a spinning vortex of stars. Ghost rested his hands behind his head.

"Alright, we oughta arrive there within less than an hour." Naut'aun "said" happily.

"Well done, Naut." he turned around and walked out of the cockpit. "I have something I need to attend to..."


"This is the Valkyrie my dear. You should stay here for at least another hour. Then you can walk about that ship if you it appears we must be leaving."

There was a sudden rumble and turbulance. Soon the heavy vibration stopped.

"I think we have already left." Tom eyed around the medical bay. He looked back at the Asari, and added a continuation of the story.

"Anyway, we found you in the club just lying on the floor. Scared off the Salarian and the two Krogan Body Guards, and called Chiron for assistance. Then we took you aboard, treated you and then happily ever after."

Tom made a slight pace around the room. He stopped and crossed his arms. "Unless of course we get stalked by Eclypse Mercs and Chess Fanatics?"

((edited for the sake of Archon's Hanar character, so as to fit him in with the RP ))

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