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Takai's grin turned into a large smile as Zarela did not resist the the technique. Even as he was attacked by another masked shinobi and sent flying to the ground, he still had a smile. It would have been nice if could have drained her a little longer, but he would take what he could get for now.

"Takeda...I really hope you can hear me right now. I don't want to have to hurt you but if you don't wrestle back control from Takai I might have to."

Takai stood up and dusted himself off, before looking at Karela.

"Heh, is that any way to treat someone who saved you? Well that former arashi mentor of yours certainly has gotten better...but she's still just a minion."

Takai could feel Takeda regaining consciousness, and soon he would take control of his body back. Takai would have to make these next few seconds count.

"Though with all her new tricks, she's still suffers from her same flaws. You remember my Inhaling Maw technique, don't you Karela? She clearly has no clue what its capable of. If you want to save these villagers and find out more about these attackers, then you'll need my help. My technique doesn't just give me the ability to manipulate other's abilities, but their memories as well. We'll be able to find out how she came back from the dead..."

The blackness in Takeda's eyes were beginning to fade to white.

"You know I'm right Karela...think about it"

Takeda shook his head and looked around. Those ice clones must have taken more out of him then he thought, plus the ice dragon he created earlier. He put his mask, robe, and hat back on.

"Its been a year since he last attempted to control me, I wonder why he chose now."
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