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I made a Ford Fiesta that has most of the same specs as Ken Block's current car, seen here:

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YouTube Video

4-wheel drive, turbo, lightened, but upgraded to race spec. (Class S or better...)

I figure if he can power-slide it on tarmac, so could I. I found it easier to control than the "Drift tune" cars you see on the storefront. Those are always kind of sloppy feeling to me. I could never drift properly with that type of car. This one was predictable and controllable when you needed it to be.

Then I turned off all the assists (traction control, ABS, etc...) had the braking line on, and went up the Fujimi Kaido full course in hot-lap free-play mode.

I didn't go super fast... keep it in 2nd. I didn't do manual shift... but that's an option. But just before getting to the corner, I'd turn in and tap the e-brake (like Ken does in the vid.) Then tap the throttle when the rear-end breaks loose, and countersteer into the drift.

But it took a couple of tries. I got a 97,000 point lap the other day... and I was screaming expletives at the screen after going through all that just to come up a couple of points short.

Oh... and you can use the rewind feature all you want when you do it. It won't invalidate the achievement. If you can get over 50,000 before you reach the summit, you are bound to get it.

I took a break for a few hours in between. Paused the game, shut off the TV (but obviously not the XBox...) and walked away for a while.

I was up to about 150,000 when I crossed the line.

I'll gift you the car if you want to give it a try...

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