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Jedi Temple discussion

Yes, it was a good level. I'm not disputing that (even though it did make TFU crash a lot for me, probably due to the larger numbers of enemies present at once).
However, please don't insult my intelligence by telling me the temple is utilitarian. The numerous statues, reliefs, and decorative columns present throughout the level aside, look at this screencap from Ep 2:
Those arches over the walkway are at least fifty meters tall and god knows how tall the ceiling is in the main room through which the suspended walkway leads. Also notice that it is all completely empty and serves no purpose. And it doesn't exactly look crowded, does it? Don't tell me they built it that huge, on a city-covered planet where empty space is a premium commodity, out of necessity. It's opulent and vulgar, that's what it is.
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