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Originally Posted by Alexrd View Post
I said "it's the house of 10,000 people from their order, among other things. Therefore, you do need a big place. And there are no superfluous objects within the temple, as far as I know.".
Ie. "is utilitarian" ->

Yes, the Jedi statues, probably made in honor of the lives or deeds of thoes Jedi Knights.
They are decorative and therefore superfluous. Just like those groovy neon bookshelves in the archives. Given that all the information is stored digitally, those are nothing but decoration. As are the busts.

Maybe to support the temple itself?
I seriously doubt a spacefaring civilization's architecture relies on stone columns for structural support.

Ironic enough, you don't see a single object (superfluous or not) in there. As they say, no possessions.
Right. Apart from tailor-made robes, gold-plated lightsabers, fine leather boots, assorted droids, personal starfighters, and various other items a typical humble monk needs.
EDIT: To give you an idea of the kind of luxury a typical Jedi enjoys, take a look at this picture. Assuming a clonetrooper is 2 meters tall (they're probably not, Temuera Morrison is 1.83m, but let's go with that for ease of calculation), those steps seem to be about 20 meters wide. There's three sets, so about 60 for the whole staircase. From this picture we can then estimate the base of the Temple to be about 480 meters wide, say about 320 meters for the top level of the ziggurat, which is about 140 meters tall. That gives us a volume of about 23 million cubic meters. Assuming only 90% of that is actual useful interior space, only half of which is residential, and assuming a ceiling height of 5 meters, which is quite a lot, that still gives us an appartment of over 200 square meters for each and every one of the ten thousand Jedi. That's the sort of accommodation that you get in a royal suite at a five star hotel. Humble ascetic monks my arse.

Not one that you don't know, anyway.
Okay, I wasn't completely fair in that assessment. There is one purpose it serves, which is to show off.

What's that suppose to mean?
Exactly what it says. You claim the temple is as big as it is because it needs to be for the vast numbers of Jedi who live in it. Yet looking at that picture, it seems to me the room could've been a tenth of that size and still would've been quite adequate.

Being that the main hall, you can't judge the temple itself only by that place. On other shots we see small corridors (tall indeed).
That is your idea of a 'small corridor'?

So what?
Nothing, I guess. If building large and opulent structures for no other purpose than to show off seems like a Jedi-like thing to do to you, then I guess everything's in jolly good order.

On a more on-topic note, which level did you vote for?
Death Star, but it was a pretty tough choice. The only levels I didn't like were the Raxus Prime ones, and then for the most part only because everything in them is this nasty toxic yellow. No variety. And rusty pieces of scrap metal look like crap no matter how high the number of polygons and resolution of the texture used to render them.

EDIT: From the Wookieepedia:

The Coruscant Temple's origins date back to 5,000 BBY when, at the begining of the Great Hyperspace War, the Galactic Republic granted the Jedi land on Coruscant over a sacred mountain, which contained a Force-nexus. A holy place for the local Coruscanti, the Republic hoped by granting the Order land they would build a massive fortress like those they had established on Ossus, Falang Minor, and Haashimut. However, the Order did not wish to entangle themselves with the politics of the capitol or become a symbol of war and opted to build only a small meditative enclave. It wasn't until the Old Sith Wars saw the devastation of Ossus and the Great Jedi Library located there that the Order decided to reestablish its academy at the Sacred Spire. At the behest of the Order's wisest thinkers, the Four Masters began the painstaking task of building the Temple Ziggurat. Growing steadily for the next thousand years the Temple incorporated various pieces of historical works and architecture from their past, including tiles and stained-glass mosaics from the lost complex on Ossus.
Allow me to throw your "so what?" right back at you. What exactly is your point with this?

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