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Pretty much agree with everything you said, although you missed out the last couple of specials. I utterly love Donna, even though I hated her before (and don't like Catherine Tate either). Martha I much prefer to Rose too, if only they hadn't forced in the love story angle.

I slightly enjoyed the Sontaran two-parter, but it should've been much stronger for a classic enemy resurrection. Between this and the Silurian two-parter in Series 5, I'm beginning to worry for the Ice Warriors.

You going to do a run-down of Series 5? My general notes, from memory, of Series 5:

1. Matt Smith is utterly brilliant, very different from Tennant but just right for the Doctor.
2. Amy starts off great and gets slowly more annoying. Her story is completely finished by the end of this series, and yet she's still going with the Doctor!
3. I really feel sorry for Mark Gatiss. He wrote the very strong The Unquiet Dead for series one, and was given the only Dalek episode this season. Furthermore, the wonderful idea of Daleks in World War Two, pretending to be a special weapon for the allies! "WOULD YOU LIKE SOME TEA??" Superb! The only problem is Gatiss was clearly given a message on high to introduce a new line of toys Daleks, which were more cartoony and less threatening, and so the rest of the episode just falls apart.
4. Why the hell do they keep on hiring Chris Chibnall?! Torchwood was considered a joke thanks to him, and the Silurian two-parter is the only middle two-parter to be terrible. Usually it's the best two episodes in the season, but not this time!
5. Vincent and the Doctor. So fantastic and deeply moving you forget there's an invisible space chicken.
6. I can forgive The Lodger because Matt Smith is just so much fun away from Amy - same goes for A Christmas Carol, although that one was just great anyway.
7. I really enjoyed the final two-parter because it is so unexpected. The Cyberman in The Pandorica Opens is probably the creepiest the Cybermen have ever been, if utterly ineffective. It also leaves a lot of questions...
8. Dear god I hope the Dream Lord comes back. He's definitely my favourite villain of this series. Very like Q from Star Trek.

Veering off the TV series for a moment, I am really getting into the Big Finish audio adventures again. They had a brief lull, but now they're picking up steam again. The recent Sylvester McCoy 'season' featuring Ace and Hex was utterly incredible:
1. 'Project: Destiny' was the dramatic conclusion to the Forge trilogy (Project Twilight and Project Lazarus being the other two), and his companion Hex finally learns who he is.
2. 'A Death in the Family' brings back one of my favourite villains (speaking of the Dream Lord), the Word Lord, into a huge epic story spanning different planets and times, and bringing back popular Big Finish companion Evelyn. It's one of the best stories they've ever done.
3. 'Lurkers At Sunlight's Edge' is unconnected to the first two, but is described simply as "Doctor Who and HP Lovecraft". Yes, the Doctor takes on Cthulhu. Wow.

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