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Totally agree with all of that. I still Mark Gatiss had a great idea, but was forced to crowbar in the 'new Daleks'. I do prefer Zaarin's idea, too. And absolutely anyone could've written that Silurian duo better.

Marc Platt's not written for new Who but totally should - he's an excellent writer for Big Finish, and he's one of the few who actually wrote for the original series too (he did 'Ghost Light', which actually was the last Classic story ever made).

Another great Big Finish writer who I'm predicting will turn up on the TV series eventually is Joseph Lidster. He's actually written for Torchwood and done a lot of on-the-side writing and editing for that series and Doctor Who itself, so it's not too big a leap. He's actually the only writer (barring RTD himself) to have written for all the major adversaries - Daleks, Cybermen, the Master and Davros. 'Master' is one of my personal favourites, and 'Terror Firma' is just an epic.

As for Rob Shearman, 'Jubilee' is utterly fantastic. Scenes in that got re-used in his First Series Dalek episode.

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