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Originally Posted by Alexrd View Post
No. Statues and busts are not meant to be decorative. As I said, they are made as a sign of honor and respect.
That may be so (even though it sounds a lot like attachment, another unjedilike thing), but they do not perform a practical, useful function. Therefore, they are superfluous and decorative.

It does. And it's not a first on the Star Wars universe.
The fact that the temple still stands even though a lot of these columns have collapsed shows they are not structurally essential.

Tailor-made?! From what I know, the Jedi robes are simple, specifically to show their modesty.
They're simple in the same way the Pope's clothing is simple. They may have started out simple, but now they're available in a range of different colors, materials (see Anakin's leather vest) and patterns (Jocasta Nu). Plus I wouldn't call even the ordinary robes simple, not with their elaborately overlapping layers. And then you have someone like Shaak Ti, who wears jewelry all over her face. When was the last time you saw a nun with jewelry?

Electrum was a rare metal once used in lightsaber construction as a sign of Force mastery.
Electrum is a naturally occurring alloy of gold and silver.
Yeah. Gold-****ing-plated. And you know why? As Plinkett points out in his review, Jackson was cast in the films to appeal to black people. It's the exact same reason why he has a gold-plated lighsaber. It's bling, which is just about the pinnacle of vanity.

Besides, not every Jedi has "gold-plated" lightsabers.
But they can! That's the point! How exactly is Windu carrying a gold-plated lightsaber different from a high-ranking priest carrying a gold-plated crucifix? It's showing off. "I'm holier/stronger in the Force than thou, so I get to carry this gold-plated bauble to rub it in your face."

Typical humble monks don't go on missions (many times dangerous) across the galaxy. Therefore, they do need the material you mentioned.
Oh sure. But then don't go saying "no possessions". As it stands, it's "no possessions... eeexcept all of this stuff that they may or may not need some time in the future". But I imagine the excuse is the same as with earthly religions. It's not property of the individual, it belongs to the church. Right?

First, on a royal suite at a five star hotel, you don't pay for space only. Second, you can see on the movies their rooms and how empty and simple they are.
Can I? Somehow I don't recall that. I remember the Council Chamber (on top of, appropriately, an ivory tower), some classrooms, briefing rooms, and a meditation chamber. Don't recall seeing any appartments. Where exactly did they appear?

And third, you seem to forget that the Temple has a huge library, computer rooms, holo rooms, etc, etc...
No I don't, I only assigned half the interior space to residential facilities, the other half is for the other stuff you mentioned. Seems reasonable to me.

From this picture you used yourself, you can see that the jedi temple is not just to show off.
Let me congratulate you on your magnificently constructed straw man. You imply I was talking about the whole temple while you're in fact very well aware I was referring ony to the vast room seen in the movie screenshot.

Maybe, but as it's said: "Growing steadily for the next thousand years the Temple incorporated various pieces of historical works and architecture from their past, including tiles and stained-glass mosaics from the lost complex on Ossus. "
Yes, so? I don't see any of those in the screenshot (or anywhere else in the films, for that matter). I want you to tell me what the purpose of that room is. With most rooms in most buildings it's easy to tell just by looking. A library is for storing books. A kitchen is for cooking meals. But what is that room for? There's nothing in it that would perform any kind of useful function.

I've explained the purposes, yet you like to ignore them, and say it's just to show off. This article explains very well most of it's purposes, if you like to take a look.
Oh... you used the same straw man again. It's not as impressive as the first time, you know.

For you to read this: "A holy place for the local Coruscanti, the Republic hoped by granting the Order land they would build a massive fortress like those they had established on Ossus, Falang Minor, and Haashimut. However, the Order did not wish to entangle themselves with the politics of the capitol or become a symbol of war and opted to build only a small meditative enclave.".
Ya, because they already had a few massive temples elsewhere.

And this: "It wasn't until the Old Sith Wars saw the devastation of Ossus and the Great Jedi Library located there that the Order decided to reestablish its academy at the Sacred Spire. At the behest of the Order's wisest thinkers, the Four Masters began the painstaking task of building the Temple Ziggurat. Growing steadily for the next thousand years the Temple incorporated various pieces of historical works and architecture from their past, including tiles and stained-glass mosaics from the lost complex on Ossus. ".
You keep repeating that as if it has some kind of relevance to what we're discussing. I quite honestly don't see it. I don't see how any of this is relevant to the current temple being an opulent and vulgar show of wealth and power.

But enough with the off-topic. This topic is about our favourite level.
Yeah, and what a lively topic it is.
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