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Originally Posted by Alexrd View Post
To be remembered. Just as in real life.
That doesn't meet any definition of "practical" that I recall.

How can you say "a lot", when you don't even know how many there are?
Because I've played the level and seen them lying around.

You must be the only one who think the Jedi robes are elaborative.
Well they're a lot more elaborate than what I wear every day, that's for sure. Not very practical, either, but then pockets don't seem to have been invented yet anywhere in the Star Wars galaxy, so I'll let that slide. Overlapping neck lines, wide sleeves, and huge billowing hooded cloaks serve no practical purpose and are nothing more than extravagant waste of cloth.

As for Shaak Ti, it has to do with Troguta's tradition, not vanity.
Again with the attachments. Aren't Jedi supposed to, like, let go of this kind of stuff?

Now I'm starting to think you are just trolling. What part of the "as a sign of Force mastery" you don't understand? It's all symbolic.
Oh I do understand that. I just think it's a little too convenient that the Jedi chose the symbol of Force mastery to be the same as the symbol of wealth and power.

No, not everyone can.
Any evidence for that? AFAIK a Jedi designs his own lightsaber however they see fit.

Yoda's chamber?
If you're referring to the room Yoda's seen sitting in on a few occasions (such as when talking with Anakin in Ep3), that doesn't seem like a living space at all. There's just a chair for him to sit in and nothing else, so I thought that was a meditation chamber.

No, I wasn't. And even if you were talking about the hall, how is that a sign of show off?
How isn't it? I asked you before and you ignored the question, so I'll just ask again. If the huge hall isn't just for showing off, then what practical purpose does it serve? Why does it need to be so vast and cavernous and empty?

The main hall? The same purpose as any other hall. And maybe you don't see than in the movies (which actually can be seen), but you see them in the level, which you complained about in the first place.
Spell it out for me, please.

How is that a strawman?

To store historical artifacts and information related to the order, as the article says.
Yes, so?

You say the temple is just to show off.
I never said that. If you think otherwise, I dare you to quote me where I did.

I say it's not, you accuse me of using a strawman when a picture you posted shows that you're wrong, and the quote I made says: "the Temple incorporated various pieces of historical works and architecture from their past, including tiles and stained-glass mosaics from the lost complex on Ossus." which justifies why it is so big.
So stained-glass mosaics and tiles need cavernous rooms that serve no purpose, do they? That doesn't even make any sense.

Lively or not, it's not an excuse for off-topic. So cut it off. Well, maybe a moderator will.
Well when they do, then I'll think about it. But I'm not going to shut up just because you tell me to, mister. I see nothing wrong with just following wherever the discussion leads. If you don't want to continue this conversation, then don't. Nothing could be easier.
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