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Originally Posted by jonathan7 View Post
Possibly, depends on if the female sand person is left over in TSL assets.
Yeah, I'm pretty sure it's still in TSL

Originally Posted by jonathan7 View Post
In other news, I've doubled the size of the Iridonian armour texture, and will make it an item available to the player, theres still work to do on here, I've just improved the original texture this far...
I've got a couple colour variations I could add.

Originally Posted by jonathan7 View Post
Have finished Bandon's armour (thats not his face, every time I used a Bandon disguise my KotOR game crashed for some reason)
Hey, your the guy to ask I'm trying to add my Jolee Sith Assassin model and skin, to appearance.2da, I did everything I thought I needed to do (i.e. hexedited the model to a new name, added another row to appearance.2da), but every time I try to equip the item, the game crashes. Essentially what I want to do is create an all in 1 disguise to look like a Sith Assassin (Quanon is making a mask based off the K2 SA mask). Any help would be greatly appreciated! GB j7
This seems to happen with certain models. I can't remember if it is the head model's fault, or something wrong with the body model. I know that lots of non playable bodies are missing certain hooks and helpers, but I can't remember if that causes crashes.

What does the new line of the appearance.2da look like? What head does it use? Is the item a disguise?

Originally Posted by jonathan7 View Post
And finally I will make the Republic Special Forces skin available to the PC as a wearable armour;
The chest and back armour look great. I agree about the X; putting randomized camoflauge on a mirrored skin is always problematic, so you just need to watch out for stuff like that. One thing I always fear is seeing faces in the splotches (usually warped smilies ).

I think that the holster being different takes away from the camoflauge-ability. I'd either make the holster match the belt, or make more of the little details (like the shoulder pads, knee pads, glove edges, etc) colour, rather than grey. That would balance out the colour.

How are you going to make this model available to the PC? Is it going to replace one of the standard armours?

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