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Originally Posted by stingerhs View Post
nice choices on the case and PSU. my only real niggle is that space could prove to be an issue with the length of the video card on that vertically oriented mobo mount (most review sites had trouble fitting any card that was 12" or longer). a bit pricey by my standards, too, but it should be worth every penny. good luck, and have fun.
oh thanks! I just checked the specs...this video card is huge.... The last thing I want is trouble fitting things in there so I'll do some more research. Then maybe I will go with the 1200 just to be safe though the price I have for the Silverstone case is less than the newegg price and it's apparently a rather silent case (I hate noise and am willing to spend extra bucks to reduce it). I had to modify a case to fit a GPU a few years ago: it was not funny (at least not my idea of "fun").
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