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Karela heard Asuka shout out to Zarela but she was already gone. Karela turned to look at Asuka and smiled sadly.

"It's good to see you again Asuka."

She then turned to look at Takeda who was apparently once again in control of his body.

"Its been a year since he last attempted to control me, I wonder why he chose now."

"It's probably because he wanted to get revenge on Zarela. Remember the last time they fought over a year ago he didn't get the chance to kill her, she blew herself up."

Karela turned and looked up in the trees that Zarela and the other masked shinobi had fled into. "I don't know how she came back...but I'm going to admit that I'm worried. I stabbed her in the stomach with a kunai and the knife wound healed instantly. And she didn't seem worried when Takai showed up either."

She turned her head toward the village as she heard the sounds of combat again. "I'm going to go and get Akagi, I want you and Asuka to take the villagers up to the mountains so we can regroup."

Karela turned toward the village and began running toward the samurai village.
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