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More pics at the bottom of the post after the explanation of mod workings

Originally Posted by redrob41 View Post
How are you going to make this model available to the PC? Is it going to replace one of the standard armours?
I thought I would start by quoting this and explaining, rob, asked me this in regards to the Republic armour and Republic special forces armour. Initially I was going to use these skins (click me) of mine for the PC at the start of the game. However I'm now thinking of just replacing the PC's clothes with the soldier uniform, makes the most sense considering you never see any Republic soldiers wearing anything but the standard armour. I'm additionally going to use the "J" slot for the Star Forge robes for a second robe variation, and for the NPC in party possibly custom things for them. I can do this as Revans Robes Revisioned will be part of FFK1, so as that is a disguise item, it doesn't use the "J" slot to equip those items. Does that sound like a reasonable plan? Various disguises for the PC will be made available including, the 3 Mandalorian armours and the Iridonian Armour, the Sith Assassin (presuming I get that working) and finally the Sith Stalker for females in the group.

Originally Posted by redrob41 View Post
Yeah, I'm pretty sure it's still in TSL
Cool there its easily moveable across then...

Originally Posted by redrob41 View Post
I've got a couple colour variations I could add.
Awesome the more the merrier. Essentially Force Fashion K1 is now a modification by "Holowan Knights" (which is what it will be uploaded as) given the contributors are RedRob, Qui-Gon Glenn, Quanon, Sithspectre, Dak_Drexl, Prime, Xavier2, Canderis, Chainz.2da, Kha and of course myself overseeing the project

Originally Posted by redrob41 View Post
This seems to happen with certain models. I can't remember if it is the head model's fault, or something wrong with the body model. I know that lots of non playable bodies are missing certain hooks and helpers, but I can't remember if that causes crashes.

What does the new line of the appearance.2da look like? What head does it use? Is the item a disguise?
I'll email them over if you fancy having a look? Currently Jolee is the default head for the model although I can change that...

Originally Posted by redrob41 View Post
The chest and back armour look great. I agree about the X; putting randomized camoflauge on a mirrored skin is always problematic, so you just need to watch out for stuff like that. One thing I always fear is seeing faces in the splotches (usually warped smilies ).

I think that the holster being different takes away from the camoflauge-ability. I'd either make the holster match the belt, or make more of the little details (like the shoulder pads, knee pads, glove edges, etc) colour, rather than grey. That would balance out the colour.
Originally Posted by Zhaboka View Post
I LOL'd.

The Assassin looks great! The only other thing I noticed is that on the Iridonian armor the lightsaber isn't quite inside the model's hand. Is this just a weighting error or something?
Taking the above into consideration, here is the current version;

The latest on the Sith Assassin is this;

Quanon is making a mask based on the Sith Assassin K2 mask, so that will look much closer to the SA's once thats done

Dak also sent me a model he had edited with a Sith Stalker skin, I adabted the skin, to see how it would work for a Sith Assassin...

On the Bastila front I've been experimenting with a balaclava idea...

As ever let me know thoughts....

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