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N-5/Prudii: on Dxun my average FPS is in the 68-70 range, same on Korriban. Dantooine is the most demanding planet so far, where the FPS can drop to 25 for me but its usually in the 45-range. My graphics card isnt really the newest (ATI 4870x2, but i guess it's still a quite good card) my CPU is an old C2D which i run @ 3.8GHz currently. I tried it on my laptop with an ATI 5650 and the FPS is totally acceptable.

The first release is the Ebon Hawk (well the second really since i've already released the Protocol Droids). I hope i have the time to upload it later today.

There's still much to do with the levels, what you're seeing in the screenshots is bascily it, havent done much with the interiors at all.

I'm still a bit confused with the skies, Just like Dantooine, Dxun also have two sets of skies.. are these just unused left overs or are they used at some point in the game?

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