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Yup. built it with all of the parts listed in the opening post, cept different ram and a different dvd drive. Also, the 2TB HDD I got decided to die on the 5th day so I've had to fall back on an old 320GB for now while I get myself two replacement 1TB HDDs and put them into a RAID 1 array.

And yeah, I've already setup Win7 with RAID drivers from the start so it's all good XD

It's very sweet and I'm very happy with the results, though with a couple of small quirks I can work with... apparently this PC doesn't like being put to sleep, but that's okay... since I'm using an SSD, the shutdowns and startups are nice and fast so it makes no real difference... maybe saves a tiny bit more power lol.

The case is nice and huge lol, which is what I like... it's basically just a big black box... like literally, it absorbs all the light so it's pitch black with nothing being reflected. I've bought myself a UN SPACY sticker (from Macross) to put on the front...

You can skip this paragraph...
I have a bit of a Macross theme going on with the electronic devices I can name. My main PC is "MACROSS" ...the main hard drive is "GUNSIGHT ONE" which is the callsign for the bridge of the Macross, the drive I keep all the games and the downloads folder is called "PROMETHEUS" which is the aircraft carrier that launches the fighters of the Macross, and my personal storage drive... which are the two 1TB drives I haven't bought yet but will on Tuesday, is called "DAEDALUS" after the landing craft attached to the Macross... Oh and I call my netbook "VALKYRIE" and my portable media player is "VF-19kai"... and you have no idea what I'm talking about or really care... *looks around*

Basically I've set up my PC with an 80GB SSD for the main OS drive, a 320GB HDD for the games, though I'm going to be upgrading that to a 500GB that I have laying around pretty soon. And when I do finally get those two 1TB drives, I'll RAID 1 them together for all of my personal files I've gathered over the course of 10 or so years.

Also, depending on what happens with that 2TB HDD (there's a chance the place I bought it from may replace it... or maybe not) then I'll have an extra 2TB HDD I won't know what to do with... |

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