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Name: Alriana Haltra

Species: Human

Gender: Female

Sexual Orientation: Straight.

Homeworld: Unknown

Affiliation: Jedi Order

Title: None yet

Weapon: Lightsaber (Green)

DOB: Unknown (She may be from around the time the Clone Wars began though.)

Description: Alriana has abandoned the tradition jedi robe and has decided to wear a black robe that has been upgraded to be slightly resistant to blaster fire.

Brief History: After the events of Geonosis Alriana has finally been able to put the events of her past behind her and has fully embraced the idea of living in this new future. After seeing what this new Imperial Empire is capable of she has fully dedicated herself to fighting it. As of now she is thinking of taking a posting aboard the flagship of the republic fleet, The Ackbar.

Name: Voran Garja

Species: Human

Gender: Male

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Homeworld: Unknown

Affiliation: Formally Sith Naval Forces, now part of Admiral Belina's forces.

Title: Second in command of the Republic Fleet after Admiral Belina.

Weapons: The Sith Fleet, Vibro-Knife, Old E-11 blaster rifle that is hung on the wall in his quarters and a Powerful Custom built heavy blaster that he carries as a Side-arm.

Dob: N/A

Description: Garja wears a black Admiral uniform that he wears while he is on duty. Although he has quite a few medals he does not wear them in front of the crew. He carries a small customized Heavy Blaster pistol with him at all times. He has a scar running down across his left eye and another scar on the side of his neck. His eyes are an icey blue and he has short hair.

Brief History: Not that much is known about Garja except that he rose quickly through the ranks of the Sith due to his ability to examine a situation and quickly find a solution to the problems that were presented to him.

During the battle of Geonosis, Garja was forced to take command of the Ackbar after Admiral Belina was injured by an exploding console. As soon as Belina was able to come back to duty he gladly turned over command of the Ackbar to her.

Name: Leana Belina

Species: Human

Gender: Female

Sexual Orientation: Hetrosexual

Homeworld: Coruscant

Affiliation: Third Galactice Republic

Title: Supreme Commander of the Republic Fleet and commander of the Ackbar, a highly modified M104 class battleship that is capable of matching a Pellaeon Class Star Destroyer in fire power and has enough power to punch through the shields of an Sith star destroyer with a few hits from it's powerful Turbolasers

Weapon: E-11 Blaster rifle that hangs on her wall until needed, Two Vibro knives, a Vibro-sword that hangs on her wall along with two old D-44 blaster pistols that also hang on her wall

DOB: Unknown

Personality: Belina is quite calm when not in combat situations and is respectful towards the men and woman under her command at all times. However, when in combat situations she becomes focused on finishing the battle at all costs.

Abilities: She is a brilliant strategist who was able to destroy Admiral Garja's first fleet at the battle of Vergasso and she managed to fight Khorzan Velerc to a standstill earlier in the war.

Description: Much of Leana Belina's past is unknown due to living on the streets but one thing that is known about her is that she was one of the best students in the military academy. Her marks were always quite high and she was able to quickly shoot up through the ranks and eventually gained command of her own ship.

Soon after the war with the sith began, Belina was credited with the capture of two Pellaeon class star destroyers that were refitted and repaired and were drafted into her personal fleet.

She was eventuallly promoted to Admiral and then supreme commander of the Republic fleet.

Recent history: At the battle of Geonosis, Belina was badly injured by an expolding console and was taken to a Republic outpost where she was healed by Jedi Komad Kaltas. She is now fully healed and has since taken command of the Ackbar once again. As of now she is worried about the rising imperial threat.

Name: Rejira Beroc

Species: Human

Gender: Male

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Homeworld: Byss

Affiliation: Imperial forces

Title: Second in command of the Imperial fleet.

Weapon: The entire imperial fleet and all Imperial land forces. Zabrak battle cannon, two blaster pistols and an E-11 blaster rifle. All are located in his quarters.

DOB: Unknown((He looks to be around thirty five.))

Description: Rejira Beroc was born on the world of Byss many years ago but no one knows his true age. He always supported the Imperial fleet even from a young age and joined the imperial fleet as an ensign.

Like Admirals Garja and Velerc he is a brilliant strategist. But unlike Garja, he has no sense of morality and thinks nothing of killing. He will not kill his own men however and encourages them to think on their own and to come up with their own ideas.

After Admiral Velerc vanished, Beroc took command of the Imperial fleet only to be confronted by Admiral Velerc who suddenly reappeared after the battle of Geonosis. After a short standoff with Velerc, Beroc was taken aboard Vlerc's star destroyer. He now serves as second in command of the fleet after Velerc himself.

Name: Ravirn

Species: Chiss

Gender: Male

B]Sexual Orientation:[/B] Straight

Homeworld: Unknown, (Not the chiss homeworld)

Affiliation: Imperial forces

Title: Body Guard/Jedi Hunter

Weapon: Twin Mandalorian heavy blasters, a Chiss manufactured heavy blaster rifle that is strapped to his back and a wrist mounted rocket launcher.

DOB: Unknown

Description: Ravirn grew up as an orphan on the streets of Coruscant and was forced to fight for his life on many occasions as he grew up. He eventually managed to leave the planet by stowing away on a trading ship and managed to stay undetected the entire voyage. He eventually made his way to Imperial territory where he quickly gained a reputation as an excellent body guard and later, a Jedi hunter after an encounter with a Jedi knight resulted in the death of the knight.

After the encounter with the Jedi, Ravirn managed to get ahold of a suit of Mandalorian armor. He is currently seeking a job worthy of his talents within Imperial space.

Name: Varith

Species: Cathar

Gender: Male

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Homeworld: Cathar

Affiliation: Sith(Previously a Jedi Knight.)

Title: The Hunter

Weapon: A lightsaber equiped with a Red crystal, Mines and several thermal detonaters.

DOB: Unknown

Description: Varith was born on the Cathar homeworld and was quickly found to be very strong with the force. At a very young age he was taken to Coruscant and was trained to be a jedi. After years of training he was made a Jedi knight and was able to create his own lightsaber.

Shortly after his promotion to Knighthood he was dispatched to the planet Cathar to deal with a group of pirates who were terrorizing the local population. It was during this mission that he met his future wift(Jirila). The two of them began a relationship after the pirate threat was dealt with. Unfortunatly, Varith had to leave and return to Coruscant.

Three years after he left Cathar, he was sent back to Cathar a few years before the war began due to increased pirate activity in the sector. Upon arrival, his ship was shot down and crashed on Cathar. After escaping his wrecked ship, he ran to find that the home of Jirila had been destroyed and that his beloved was dead. After finding his beloved dead he went into a blind rage and attacked the pirates and he slaughtered them.

It was shortly after this that Varith turned his back on the jedi and instead of helping them, he began to hunt them. As of now he blames the Jedi for the death of his wife since they didn't allow him to return to Cathar sooner.

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