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Originally Posted by LordDeathRay View Post
As much as I would love to see the Leviathan destroy the Executor, I have to open my eyes and remember that it isn't going to happen. MAYBE against a regular Star Destroyer. MAYBE. But against the Executor? Nope. It'll be blown up before it can land a shot at the Executor. Sorry Saul...

You people have to just understand that KOTOR Era ships are inferior to the Executor. Just because the Leviathan is awesome doesn't mean that it could blow up the Executor with a single shot. Even I have to come to this realization.

Also this thread is nonsense as the answer to this thread is glaringly obvious. The Executor could pwn anything from the Kotor Era. Even the Star Forge. Don't believe me?

Ok, the Star Forge churns out ships at the speed of light. Executor destroys puny ships with relative ease. Lands a few shots at the Command Center. Bye-bye Star Forge. Executor spend less than 5 minutes destroying what's left of the Star Forge fleet. Also the explosion of the Star Forge would destroy most, if not all of the puny capital ships that it had spawned. Executor instant win.
Yep the Executer wins end of story.
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