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Originally Posted by Evil Q View Post
I'm pretty sure that the 1200 is dimensionally similar to the 900/902 in regards to width and depth; it's just quite a bit taller. Both the 902 and the 1200 have washable dust filters on the intake fans where the 900 does not.
Height aside, the 1200 hundred is 1.8" longer and very slightly wider:
1200: 20.20" x 8.40" x 22.90"

900: 18.40" x 8.10" x 19.40"

btw, how do I know if it's the 900 or the 902?

the only modding that I had to do for it to fit with the side-mounted fan was to move the lexan window down an inch or two and drill a couple of new holes in it for the screws. All of that stuff is under an exterior mesh panel, so that mod is also unnoticeable.
I don't want to do this: I'm sure I would manage to make it look very noticeable I bet those blue LEDs would end up flashing everywhere through the new holes...

And if you're concerned about the gaudy blue LEDs, just crush them or snip the wires to them and problem solved.
very good idea! (I still like the silverstone case though...) but still, I'd like to avoid case modification.

One thing about that Vertex 2: I've read that several people have been experiencing troubles with it that the other SandForce SSDs aren't having. It has a slightly different controller, SF-1200SE as opposed to the normal SF-1200, which is most likely the source of the trouble. As such, I'd go with either a Corsair Force F120 or a G.SKILL Phoenix Pro 120GB. Here is a performance comparison between the Vertex 2 and the F120 for reference. As you can see, the performance is largely identical, with the exception of 4KB random reads (where the F120 smokes the Vertex 2). The G.Skill's performance should be more of the same, since it also has an SF-1200 controller.
Very useful info. Thanks. I think I'll go for the F120.

And, last but not least, Sandy Bridge launches in less than a week. Intel is launching the mainstream platform (socket 1155/P65 chipset) first and is holding off on launching X58's successor until Q3 2011, but we'll still be able to see what this brand-new architecture is capable of compared to Nehalem. From the looks of things, the premium on CPUs with unlocked multipliers isn't going to be very high at all ($21?), so overclocking will still be possible.
Oh! I so love this! Every time you buy comp parts it is for "yesterday"

Ok now I don't know what to do anymore ( Local gov is also adding an extra 1% sales tax as of Jan 1st so total price will go up another +-20$ if I don't purchase tomorrow anyway - I can be a cheapsake sometimes, especially when 55% of income already goes into taxes of all kinds lol but that's for another thread ...elsewhere...) If I buy an intel x58 chipset now, the next time I want to upgrade I will likely have to change the mobo (not being required to change to mobo was part of the beauty of the current system but it was luck too). Maybe waiting an extra week (or two for the reviews) to see what happens could be worth it ???
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