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Oh. My. Skittles.

I just played through the entire game with TSLRCM, and that was the most epic playthrough I have ever had. The Malachor sequence was especially good with all the proper endings intact. I think I even got a little weepy at the end. KOTOR2 just earned a gazillion awesome points (in addition to the gazillion it already had), and you guys have earned one or two gazillion awesome points yourselves. Thank you all so much!

Heh, and I just remembered I was playing with v1.5 rather than the latest version. Guess that gives me an excuse to play the game all over again...

I do have a question, though, concerning the Malachor sequence:

In my playthrough, HK-47 didn't save the remote from G0T0; instead G0T0 got him to do the dirty work for him. I totally didn't expect that outcome. What perimeters trigger it? I'd like to avoid them in my next playthrough 'cause I feel a deep, primal need to destroy the planet. :P

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