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Originally Posted by Darth333 View Post
btw, how do I know if it's the 900 or the 902?
Antec 902
Alright, this is weird. It's showing up as deactivated, but they were just selling them on Black Friday. It's supposed to be the replacement for the 900.
Originally Posted by Darth333
I don't want to do this: I'm sure I would manage to make it look very noticeable I bet those blue LEDs would end up flashing everywhere through the new holes...
I'd get the 1200, then, since it will likely accommodate any CPU heatsink and graphics card with little or no modification and it has washable dust filters on the intake fans. Dust is a real problem with these mesh cases, but they have the best ventilation. I would recommend some sort of dust filters on whatever case you get. It won't entirely eliminate the problem, but it will drastically reduce the frequency with which you will have to clean your internal components, such as the CPU and GPU heatsinks, which in turn reduces wear and tear on said components. There are also several high-quality cases from Cooler Master that feature dust filters.
Originally Posted by Darth333
very good idea! (I still like the silverstone case though...) but still, I'd like to avoid case modification.
You wouldn't be modifying the case; the LEDs in question are mounted on the fans, three to a fan. Just snip the wires leading to the LEDs, or crush the LEDs themselves with a pair of pliers.
Originally Posted by Darth333
Very useful info. Thanks. I think I'll go for the F120.
That's the one I'd buy, since it has a rebate and Corsair rebates, while slow, are reliable.
Originally Posted by Darth333
Oh! I so love this! Every time you buy comp parts it is for "yesterday"
Sorry to ruin your day.
Originally Posted by Darth333
Ok now I don't know what to do anymore ( Local gov is also adding an extra 1% sales tax as of Jan 1st so total price will go up another +-20$ if I don't purchase tomorrow anyway - I can be a cheapsake sometimes, especially when 55% of income already goes into taxes of all kinds lol but that's for another thread ...elsewhere...)
All I'm going to say is that socialism is expensive; especially for the productive. :¬:
Originally Posted by Darth333
If I buy an intel x58 chipset now, the next time I want to upgrade I will likely have to change the mobo (not being required to change to mobo was part of the beauty of the current system but it was luck too).
Yes, since Intel is changing CPU sockets again, I'm afraid that if you bought an X58 motherboard you most definitely would have to switch the motherboard for the next upgrade. Socket 775 was just unusually long-lived, and the right motherboard could last several years as your present one has. Sadly, that is no longer the case.
Originally Posted by Darth333
Maybe waiting an extra week (or two for the reviews) to see what happens could be worth it ???
I would. This is going to be a big investment, and I would certainly want the latest and greatest if I was about to drop $1-2k on a new system. The only reason I didn't hold off until now was because my PSU shorted out my motherboard and I had to get something, or do without; which, of course, I can't.

It shouldn't take a week for the reviews to materialize; at least not for the bigger tech sites. They've been testing samples of this CPU for weeks, but they're under an NDA and can't publish anything until it lifts. We'll likely be seeing benchies shortly after midnight on Jan 5.

EDIT 1/3/11: NDA has lifted a couple of days early!

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