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thats the hilarious part. Same thing with Deadliest Warrior, no one can say for sure who would win, you can argue with people until your face turns blue, and nothing will have changed. But arguing in itself is an art form, do it properly, and you can sounds really intelligent, i do it all the time. I hope this isn't spamming, but you will find paople who will defend to the death that the sky is not blue, but a very light shade of purple, it is still fun to argue with these people.

or you can do what i just did, and bring everyone's brain to a screeching halt with something so rediculous, only someone with a huge amount of time on thier hands would argue about it. But still funny.

On a more serious note, Star Wars has such a huge following, I have no doubt who would win. I have yet to see "Halo Celebration 1"
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