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Well... I doubt I'll post again in 2010... and hopefully when the time comes around to start the new thread, I'll be... very busy.

Who hasn't started one yet? Surprise us with the name... You already know the guidelines...

Anyway: Great year, great thread, great guys! As always.

2010 was the year I met several of the XWA lifers in person. Maybe that's a trend that will carry on into the new year...

It's also the year I managed to snag a steady girlfriend for the first time in... well,.. forever, pretty much. So that was... good.

Actually, a few of us "lonely dudes" succeeded in actually scoring this year... so the news wasn't all bad.

The overall post count may be down... but the reason for that seems to be mostly happy ones (for all us perpetually isolated and horny nerds, anyway...)

It had a few bleak moments (most of the first part of the year was pretty sucky, miserable and depressing for me...)

Best wishes for the New Year chaps!

See you all on the other side of the calendar page!


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