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Halana Ysanna raised an eyebrow. "Done with them?" she almost purred, like a cat that knows it has a mouse cornered and is about to pounce. "I don't exactly relish your turn of phrase, sir. I also do not appreciate that you've threatened to beat one of my own 'senseless', as you have so eloquently put it. However, with the threat of Darth Sethos at hand..." She sighed. "We Ysanna cannot afford to ignore it, despite our suspicions of you and your companions. Tino? Saluna? I give you my permission, if not my blessing, to go with the armed one, the woman and the boy. Keep your eyes open, and if Sethos strikes, call out to me through the Force. I will do what I can to protect you--especially your minds." She sighed. "As for you, intruder, and those with you, be safe. If any harm comes to either Tino or Saluna while they're on this 'mission', I shall hold you solely responsible." With that, she turned her back toward Xander. "Go."
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