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Bot problems

Hello I have been playing this mod for quite some time (and lurking the forums too). I see that the project is dead ( no releases since 2008, sadly, cause its a great mod). I would just like to ask:

1) how to configure bot files for OJP
2) how to configure bots in game so they won either use sabers or just run around boxing people
3) What is the difference between AotC bot, TAB bot and Normal bot.
4) Where can I edit how force powers work, since I would like to do the following: Sense 1: no change Sense 2: 125 FP 125% Force regen Sense 3: 150% force regen 150 FP
(cause force only users - no lightsaber - are extremely disadvantaged)
5)Is there any possibility that you will release what you have fixed till now

TY, hope people still look at this server
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